Our Products


As a diversified distributor and processor, Vrola – Center of the Plate Specialists can satisfy all of your poultry needs. From our premier Bell & Evans to our Vrola brand hand-cut thin sliced cutlets, we can offer plate options to help you tantalize your customers. Don’t overlook our tied skin-on Turkey Breasts, ideal for countless applications. We also carry ABF and Heritage Breed Turkeys for those special occasions and holidays.


From our exclusive hand selected, Premier Beef Chairman’s Reserve; to USDA Prime Cuts, exclusively Dry Aged at our facility, Vrola will provide you with a whole array of Center of the Plate options. Our custom cut program offers Food Service operations quality, consistency and a method to effectively control cost; while our primal program offers everyone the choices to broaden their selection. From Organic Grass- Fed domestic beef to Wagyu to our custom blend “5 napkin” burger, Vrola has all of your beef needs covered.


The other white meat takes center stage with Vrola. Delicious, juicy, French Cut Loin Chops offer all who taste a fantastic eating experience. Marry that with our broad selection of Ribs, Butts and Bellies, Vrola is your source to put pork on the Center of the Plate!

Lamb & Veal

Nothing shouts fine dining more than a French Cut Lamb Rib Chop or a thick, delectable Veal Chop. As Center of the Plate Specialists, Vrola offers many exciting options to help diversify any menu. From Veal Porterhouse to Lamb Shanks to Osso Bucco or simple ground lamb and ground veal, Vrola is here to help you create menu excitement and variety.


A family recipe passed down through generations is the cornerstone of our homemade Italian Sausages. Sweet fennel, salt, and pepper sound simple, but in the correct proportions, create mouthwatering magic! One of the best in New Jersey is available to you from us. Building upon this quality product, Vrola also carries Chorizo, Andouille, German Sausages and much more! – Ask us for more details!

Deli & Dairy

What better combo is there then a delicious burger topped with a creamy cheese? Or, a perfectly seared steak finished with a glorious compound butter. We at Vrola know the answer, and that is why we carry the perfect products to make these matches. Whether creamy butter, delicate fresh mozzarella, or aged sharp cheddar, we can assist to fill the center of your plate in a delicious way. And, don’t forget about our broad assortment of salami, hams, turkey breasts and more from around the world!


The gifts of Poseidon are new to our Center of the Plate menu. Both fresh and frozen, our Specialists have sourced only the best seafood from around the world. Discover the bounty of the seas; ask us how to create Veal Oscar, Shrimp Gumbo, a new age surf and turf and many more culinary delights. Enjoy the finest seafood anywhere, chosen with care and delivered with confidence here from Vrola.

Natural & Organic

People are concerned about their food. Where does it come from? Does it contain antibiotics? We at Vrola understand that, and we offer a comprehensive line of foods that are not only good, but good for you. Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Pork and Provisions that contain nothing but their natural goodness. No hormones, antibiotics, steroids and fed the way nature intended, locally sourced and humanely raised are all hallmarks of these tempting products. Ask our Center of the Plate Specialists about getting these in your operation now.

Retail Packages

Our Center of the Plate Specialists are not limited to just working with Foodservice customers. Our retail packaged lines provides the choice to produce restaurant quality steaks to our retail customers. From succulent center-cut steaks, to impressive thick veal chops, are just part of the gamut of gourmet items available. Add to this artisan sausages, delicious bacon, home-made style salads and you can see why we at Vrola make it easy to take the restaurant home!